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You will learn to transform complex conflict into successful collaboration, engage others optimally and create work cultures that work well for everyone.

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Test the Waters of Edree's Approach

Test the Waters of Edree's Approach

Collaboration and inclusion require a unique way of thinking and communicating. Dialogue is one of the keys. In this video you will learn a little about Edree's approach to successful inclusive communication.

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  • Two years later we were still doing your dialogue process!

    You did a fantastic job! The team was mesmerized by your level of skill and expertise. Two years later we are still doing your dialogue process, and have implemented all of your recommendations. Our leader is so impressed!

    Wanda Brown Billingsley Distinguished K 12 Educator, University of Washington

    Edree is an excellent coach for a busy professional.

    I trust Edree and value her expertise. She knows how to challenge my thinking and help me see new possibilities.

    Francine Redick Senior Communication and Change Professional